About Us

From time to time, ladies should treat themselves as they deserve, should feel special and happy deep down, to comfort themselves after hardworking days, sad or unfair moments,or even happy times, the spirit would tell us let's do or buy something nice for us or maybe we would like to share happiness with someone close... so we offer a variety of nice and pretty things, from durable inexpensive accessories and fashionable style, to pure silver content, totally accessible for each and every one of you. Its our pleasure to make you feel unique and special all the time, because life is too short, so we should live it happily!

If you need anything you may write us to:

(China) Macau,

Rua de Sanches de Miranda no. 32,

Edf. Kam Fok, RC.


Email us at -  coolthingzzshop@gmail.

We will try our best to fulfill your satisfaction!